The Case For Grace: Reflecting God’s Grace to Others…Moment by Moment - Al Niquette

September 29, 2016

The message focuses on the practical application of Grace in our lives as we attempt to take a "life changing" gift from God and extend it outwardly as we relate to each other here on earth. "When the flesh of a believer wants or feels it deserves attention or justice....BUT their Christ-centered/ Holy Spirit-filled heart just won't have it and chooses to extend grace and mercy instead...."


The Case For Grace: I don’t know much, But I know my God! - David Barefoot

September 27, 2016

The world, and the enemy, wants us preoccupied with our circumstances. In we stay focused on what we “know,” what we see and feel in the natural, than we can limit our experience of the flow of supernatural grace that is promised to us in any and all circumstances. We do not have to rely on what we “know,” instead, we can celebrate knowing who our Father is and what He has already done for us through Jesus.